Video tutorials are several-minute-long educational clips that teach you how precisely to carry out a particular operation. In case you have never had a website and the web hosting realm is something completely new to you or if you have just switched companies and have never used the new hosting provider’s Control Panel, such video lessons will be pretty handy and will help you get accustomed to the interface in question, not to mention the amount of time that you’ll spare. Without video tutorials, you’d have had to either try out the different buttons in the Control Panel or check step-by-step help articles. Although you can still discover how to get things done all by yourself, it’d be considerably easier to watch a straightforward tutorial video and after that to just conform to the instructions, preventing any possibility of making a mistake if a particular help article isn’t intelligible enough.

Video Tutorials in Cloud Hosting

As part of our cloud hosting packages, we've created an array of how-to video clips where you can watch a demonstration of our multi-feature Hepsia Control Panel. We’ve included both very basic operations like setting up a brand-new e-mail address or moving files between directories, and more difficult ones like generating an .htaccess config file or exporting a database. We’ve also got various informational videos that will teach you what error log files are used for or what CPU load is. If you go to a given section of your Control Panel, you will be able to watch applicable how-to videos that clarify how you can perform different tasks, but you can also see a full list of all the videos that we have in a different section, which you can access via the Video Tutorials link at the bottom of the page.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Hosting

In case you have never used a hosting account yet or you have bought a semi-dedicated hosting package from us and you have any doubts about how to carry out a given task, you can take a look at our rich Hepsia Control Panel-integrated repository of video tutorials, which will help you handle every aspect of the web hosting service and, even if you’ve got no past experience, you’ll be able to execute tasks such as selecting another PHP version for your account, exporting a database or setting up a mailing list without any efforts. Once you open a certain Control Panel section, you will be able to view all the videos that are related to the features available in this section. Also, you can browse through all the videos that we have compiled in case you desire to further extend your understanding of the hosting service in general, as we’ve got informative videos too. You’ll find the shortcut to the video archive at the bottom of your Control Panel.